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Your Private Invitation to the True Social Business Network

You are a people-person, a natural networker, or "the connector"...

You are better at making real human connections than ramming through a sale or closing a deal...

...And I have something new and exciting for you!

The True Social Business Network is a closed circle of high-level business owners who regularly meet for a new style of networking.

You don't have to give up income and opportunities just because you aren't a fan of pushy sales tactics and don't want to turn yourself into a "networking bulldog".

There is a better way of making friends, building relationship capital, and finding opportunities - at the same time. 

If you value people before profit, but want to have both, you will feel right at home with us.


  • Join a high level, invitation-only business network
  • Find out about undisclosed private opportunities 
  • Increase your income and net worth without selling
  • Establish partnerships and joint ventures with win-win, forward thinking fellow entrepreneurs


Who it's for

  • You are a long term thinker and want to expand your network with high quality, high level connections.
  • You enjoy networking but don't enjoy being on either side of pushy sales efforts.
  • Like us, you value connections, creativity, friendship and innovation over salesmanship.


Please don't apply if...

  • Your main goal is pitching, finding prospects or sales opportunities,
  • Immediate sales are more important to you than making long term connections,
  • Your focus is what you can "get" - we are a "give first" style networking group.


Because I believe you are the right kind of person for this, please check back soon to learn about our next event