Makes no sense? In just a few days, it will.

Discover a brand new way of directly connecting with people who want to buy. 
Chances are, you are wasting your time and money on ineffective marketing, lead generation and sales practices. How about ditching the frustration of “trying to sell”? What if you could replace it with the EASE of starting with what you always wanted:
Direct connections with people who are READY TO BUY. As many of them as you can handle.
Once you understand how we are doing it, you will see why this is the simple, logical, and quite possibly the only sustainable future for marketing. It makes prospecting and selling as we know it, not only outdated but completely unnecessary.
And, to be honest, even ridiculous.
The way you have been taught to market and sell is DEAD WRONG. Of course, when the whole world is doing it that way...
...ass backwards feels like "the normal”.
But it isn't "normal" -  actually, the reason marketing and selling can be so tricky to figure out is that we bought a FALSE IDEA of "normal".
Once you see what the problem is, this will be crystal clear. Things will fall into place. You will have clarity.
The solution will be so obvious, so ridiculously simple… you will wonder why YOU didn’t think of it. 
You didn't - because you have been kept busy with distractions by an ARMY of brilliant marketers with almost unlimited resources. They have been selling YOU a bill of goods using the best smoke and mirrors money can buy.
It is a BIG FAT LIE - yet more than 99% of businesses out there bought it all, hook, line and sinker... and built their entire marketing and sales strategy on it. A BIG, expensive mistake.
Your business could be one of them.
In this webinar you will discover the scheme that has been perpetrated on us for more than a decade. It is buying yachts and mansions for the shareholders of a few monopolies (using YOUR money) while all you get in return is a PIG... with copious amounts of lipstick.
Even worse,
it created a whole generation that distrusts, hates and tries to block almost all advertising, sales and marketing, making it harder for all of us.
We will take a short detour to explain how we all got fooled, but only to clear the smoke and smash the mirrors. This webinar is NOT about some conspiracy theory.
It is about a very real problem that is so rampant, it has probably blindsided you too. Most importantly, it is about the SOLUTION - a way to sidestep the problem and take back control. 
It is about how you can take your marketing and sales “off the marketing grid”.
How you can make the switch to self-reliance, efficiency and well earned success. How you can leave the crippled, frustrating and inefficient mainstream sales and marketing approach... all the way to a practical alternative that is incomparably more effective. And (a nice bonus!) a lot more pleasant to do.
Your hosts who will take you on this wild ride:
Robert Palinkas

After spending 25+ years working in marketing, he realized that marketing was broken and became and inventor and innovator, working on marketing itself. While contributing to the next steps in the evolution of marketing, he has built several innovative businesses and his email opt-in list of 470,000 using his own signature approach. He's never spent a single dime on ads.

Terran Gimpel
Terran Gimpel

He is a technical guy, building funnels and training on the harder technical aspects of online marketing for his friends and clients, he knows what normal looks like in the industry. His clients have made combined millions in the online space and helped tens of thousands of people make lasting changes in their lives and businesses. He foolishly has spent some money on B2B ads.